BestMade Natural Products Prostate Enlargement Natural Remedy , BM130

BestMade Natural Products Prostate Enlargement Natural Remedy , BM130

BestMade Natural Products Prostate Enlargement Natural Remedy , BM130

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  • This formula is well proven to help with prostate enlargement problems
  • We’ve been selling these products in the USA for almost a ten years and globally for over 50 years
  • Completely safe even for small children with no interactions with other medications

roduct Description

Prostate Enlargement Natural Remedy (BM130)

  • PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT Composition: Calc FluorD30+100C, Kali MurD30+100C, Kali PhosD30+100C, BelladonnaD30+100C, Ferr PhosD30+100C, ThujaD30+100C
  • Symptoms for this remedy may include: A constant and urgent need to urinate. You may get up several times a night to go to the bathroom (nocturia); trouble starting a urine stream – even though you feel you have to rush to get to the bathroom, you find it hard to start urinating; a weak stream of urine; a small amount of urine each time you go; the feeling that you still have to go, even when you have just finished urinating; leaking or dribbling urine; small amounts of blood in your urine.
  • The prostate is a walnut sized that forms the part of the male reproductive system. In case of prostate enlargement it squeezes the urethra and interferes with the normal flow of urine and causes uncomfortable symptoms. All men do not suffer from the symptoms. Size of the gland has no correlation with the symptoms. A small gland can produce a lot of symptoms and a person with a large gland can have no symptoms. However, the common symptoms includes frequent urination more than seven times a day or more than once at night, poor or interrupted urinary flow, actual delay at the start of urination and need to strain to pass the urine, feeling of urgency to urinate, feeling of incomplete urination, urinary tract infections or sometimes bleeding. If someone takes more than one minute to start the urine and more than two minutes to complete the act of urination this condition requires the consultation with your family physician
  • Dosage: Adult: 10-15 drops, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Packing: 30ml drops standard quality packing

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