Low Back Pain Natural Remedy BM197

Low Back Pain Natural Remedy BM197


  • FEWER ACHES & PAINS Muscles in the lumbar region, hips & thighs will have less pain, better mobility
  • NERVE PAIN HURTS FIGHT BACK! The power of the Hypericum plant can help ease sharp neuralgic pains
  • SOOTHE YOURSELF WITH CHAMOMILE you will cope with the pain better and be less irritable
  • TAKING OTHER MEDICATIONS OR TREATMENTS? No problem; there are no side effects or interactions
  • EASY TO TAKE 10 -15 drops in a small amount of water, 3- 4 times each day. No unpleasant taste!

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DOES LOWER BACK PAIN INTERFERE WITH YOUR DAILY LIFE? Is the pain hard to manage does it slow you down? Your traditional treatments may not be offering you the relief that you are looking for. Support the health of your back and decrease inflammation and pain with our advanced all natural formula. This powerful blend of plant based ingredients addresses severe hip pain, knee pain, tense muscles and more. Plant extracts from Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Colocynth and Gnaphallium work together to help alleviate stiffness, muscle discomfort, backaches and leg and nerve pain. We want to help you get back to the business of living!

LET’S GET MOVING! Go for a hike, bike with the grand kids. Don’t miss out on your daily walks because your back aches and stiffness are slowing you down. Think about how great it would be to move easily and be pain free; we can help with our low back pain mixture.

STAY ALERT, DON’T WORRY ABOUT UPSET STOMACHS OR DIARRHEA our formula is as gentle on you as it is tough on pain. Muscle relaxants and pain killers have a large number of unpleasant side effects for many people; BestMade Natural Products won’t cause you to feel sick or drowsy.

MAKE US PART OF YOUR PAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM When pain flares up in your lower back you can use acupuncture, exercise, physiotherapy and prescription medication, but for maximum pain relief make sure you add Low Back Pain Relief (BM197) to your current treatment program.


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