Leucorrhea/Vaginal Discharge Natural Remedy (BM6)

Leucorrhea Vaginal Discharge Natural Remedy (BM6)

Leucorrhea/Vaginal Discharge Natural Remedy (BM6)


  • This formula is well proven to help with Leucorrhea/Vaginal Discharge.
  • Completely safe even for small children with NO interactions with other medications drugs or herbal therapies
  • Made in an FDA Registered Facility to exacting HPUS standards and ISO Manufacturing Excellence

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BM 6, is a safe, gentle and effective remedy to help relieve your symptoms and restore balance.

Leucorrhoea and associated complaints

Composition: AgrimoniaD6, AluminaD12, HydrastisD4, Kali BichD6, PulsatillaD5, SepiaD4 AgrimoniaD6, AluminaD12, HydrastisD4, Kali BichD6, PulsatillaD5, SepiaD4

May help in the symptoms of Leucorroea (vaginal discharge) – strong, unpleasant odor; burning; creamy and transparent discharges; congested heavy feeling; nausea; feeling of downward pressure; low back discomfort; pain in thigh muscles.
Vaginal discharge is normal for a woman, and all women are different. It is common for women during child bearing years and during pregnancy.

Generally leucorrhea secretions are whitish, slimy and a little bit sticky. It can almost be compared to the consistency of nasal secretions. The amount of secretions vary with a woman’s menstrual cycle and will peak at ovulation, as well as when a woman feels emotionally stressful.
However, discharge that is profuse, has a foul smell, is tinged with blood or changes in its colour should be a cause for concern.

The vagina is kept healthy and happy with a complex combination of hormones, and body chemistry. Changes in vaginal discharge are often an early indication of hormone imbalance, stress, and improper diet; it can also be aggravated by hormone supplements and birth control.

Symptoms An abnormal, profuse whitish discharge is the first and foremost symptom of leucorrhea. The discharge is accompanied by an itchy sensation or a pain in the lower abdomen. It is darker in colour than usual, mostly yellow, green or brown. Other symptoms include nausea, a feeling of weakness and tiredness, or a congested heavy feeling. She may also suffer from pain in lumbar region, thigh muscles and calves.

Treatment Our clinically proven  formula, BM 6, is a safe, gentle and effective remedy to help relieve your symptoms and restore balance. BM 6 can be a taken without concern of interfering with the effectiveness of birth control, or medications.
The treatment for leucorrhea typically depends on the cause of the condition. In the case of infection, the condition is treated with antibiotics. Otherwise, it is extremely important to be diligent with local hygiene. It is also recommended to discontinue sexual activities until the condition is fully cured. Sometimes ultrasound examinations are required to know the exact underlying cause.

Please note: Advice provided from ANY website is not a substitute for qualified medical care. While we are very confident in the safety and effectiveness of our products, you should always consult with a medical professional in regards to any serious health problem.

Dosage: Adult: 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic Doctor.
Packing: 30ml drops standard quality packing


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