High Blood Pressure Supplement Natural Remedy (BM116)

High Blood Pressure Supplement Natural Remedy (BM116)

High Blood Pressure Supplement Natural Remedy (BM116)


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High Blood Pressure Supplement Natural Remedy (BM116)


Composition:Anguillare IchthyD30+100C, Crataegus OxyØ+10C, PassifloraØ +10C, Hypophysis PosteriumD30+100C, GlonineØ+10C,Morgan PureD200+200C, Spartium ScopD3+30C Viscum AlbumD200+200C

Symptoms of the high blood pressure are almost non-existent, however, some patients complain of dizziness, headache & blurred vision. Some of them complain of the pain at the back of the head (Occipital area). Use of some medicine may increase the risk of hypertension.

High blood pressure is usually caused by obesity, stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, pollution, tobacco smoke and food allergens. When the cause of high blood pressure is unknown, it is called essential or primary hypertension. In case of secondary hypertension, it may include, kidney abnormality, structural abnormality of the aorta existing since birth, and narrowing of certain arteries. Generally said by researchers that in 90% of HBP cases, the cause is unknown. Even someone can have very high blood pressure for years without knowing it, and usually such people do not feel any symptoms. However some patients complain the symptoms of tiredness, dyspnoea, dizziness, swelling in the ankles and legs, bluish lips, chest pain, palpitation, throbbing sensation and discomfort feelings. Patients should avoid to use lot of salt and alcohol.

Dosage: Adult: 10-15 drops, Teenagers: half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.
Packing: 30ml drops standard quality packing


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