All Natural Eye Drops | Euphrasia Drops For Sensitive Eyes

All Natural Eye Drops | Euphrasia Drops For Sensitive Eyes

All Natural Eye Drops | Euphrasia Drops For Sensitive Eyes

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  • HIGH QUALITY OPHTHALMIC EYE DROPs soothe irritation and provide instant relief for tired red eyes
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Euphrasia, Boric Acid, Calendula & Ruta Grav; contains no preservatives.
  • MULTIPURPOSE REFRESHING DRY EYE DROPS treat allergies, eye lid irritation and eye infections
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS & MINIMAL STINGING a natural eye drop for all ages, safe for kids and pregnant women
  • BYE BYE SORE EYES – hello long lasting relief! Good for sensitive eyes and safe for contact lenses

Are you sick and tired of eye drops full of harsh antibiotics? Do you want to treat redness and eye itchiness in a natural way and keep your beloved ones safe

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF USING EYE DROPS THAT ARE FULL OF ANTIBIOTICS and harsh chemicals that make your eyes burn and sting? Do you want to treat redness and itchy eyes naturally and safely?  These anti-inflammatory eye drops refresh eyes irritated by allergies, chronic dry eye and persistent infections.

YOU WON’T FEEL A THING and that is exactly what you want, drops that work without any nasty side effects!

EUPHRASIA EYE DROPS ARE YOUR NATURAL ALLY against numerous eye conditions relieves the unpleasant stringy discharge from your eyes when you have conjunctivitis and the irritation of your eyelids due to Blepharitis.

SOOTHE TIRED EYES heal eye strain and restore weak vision caused by too much studying, too much TV or surfing the web for way too long! Euphrasia is actually a plant; it is also known as eyebright and has been used for many years to treat various eye problems. It is the main active ingredient in this powerful formula. The cleansing and natural antibiotic powers of boric acid wash the eye, while calendula calms the irritation.  Ruta Grav is for eye strain caused by over using your eyes! Each extract has the power to promote healing on its own; together they create advanced multipurpose eye drop relief.

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