Adentis (Enlarged Adenoids) Natural Remedy (BM96)


Adentis (Enlarged Adenoids) Natural Remedy (BM96)

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Adentis (Enlarged Adenoids) Natural Remedy BM96

ADENITIS (Adenoids Enlarged)

Composition:Agraphis NutansD3+30C, BacillinumD100+100C, Baryta IodD100+100C, Baryta MurD100+100C, CalcareaIod D100+100C, Calcarea PhosD100+100C, TuberculinumD100+100C

Hypertrophy and infection of lymphoid tissue.Repeated infection of the upper respiratory tract. Adenoiditis and recurrent infection of the tonsils.

The naso-pharyngeal tonsils or adenoids is a collection or over growth of the lymphoid tissue on the posterior wall and the roof of the naso-pharynx. It normally atrophies and disappears in early life. Blocking of nasal passage and there is a consequent mouth breathing. Snoring and nocturnal cough are common, voice becomes hoarse with a thick nasal secretion. This disease affects the left middle ear, recurrent acute otitis media, intermittent earache with variable conduction deafness. Persistent or recurrent bronchitis may be aggravated by adenoids. It affects the child development. Adenoids can cause serious feeding difficulties in babies. Children are mentally dull and slow with poor appetite & disturbed sleep. Adenoids are composed of the same sort of tissue as the ordinary tonsils. A child with adenoids usually has a characteristically open mouth, long face, narrow nose, prominent front teeth, high arched roof of the mouth and flat chest.

Dosage:Adult: 10-15drops, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a doctor.
Packing: 30ml drops standard quality packing


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